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Welcome to United Spray Foam, with decades of combined experience, it has been our honor to serve you as residents and businesses within the Indianapolis area with very affordable and superior spray foam insulation solutions to all your insulation needs.

Aside from delivering high-quality work and products we strive to live up to three distinct values; Integrity First, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.

What Exactly Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Residential closed cell spray foam insulation

Foam Insulation is the most flexible and effective insulation alternative due to its sealing, expansion, and filling properties. The application process requires trained spray foam insulation installers like ours here at United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis to physically spray the product directly onto all surfaces ensuring nothing is missed; it then conforms and seals gaps and odd angles, ultimately creating a continuous seal that also acts as a vapor/heat barrier.

One huge advantage of this application process and the inherent nature of Spray Foam Insulation is that there isn’t a better way to achieve such energy efficiency, significantly saving you cash on your energy bill and as well as tax incentives in some areas.

Home insulation is very a versatile option to achieve energy efficiency by sealing wall cavities, crawlspaces, exterior walls, attics, and small gaps and cracks throughout a house.  By hiring us at United Spray Foam Insulation in Indianapolis as your spray foam insulation contractor, you can limit the air infiltration and air movement throughout your home, which will inherently leave your home more comfortable saving you dollars by reducing energy usage, and don’t forget that while enjoying all the other benefits of spray foam insulation, it also limits the intrusion of pollutants and allergens into your home.

Types of Residential and Commercial Foam Insulation

High Density

When high insulation values and strength are needed, the professionals often turn to high-density spray foam. It is the densest of all spray foams. Because of its seamless, homogenous character, this spray foam is often an excellent choice for roofing or other exterior insulation. One hidden benefit of High-Density spray foam is its inherent thermal resistant properties, it will greatly reduce energy cost over your roof’s lifetime.

Another advantage of this foam insulation is its resistance to air and water infiltration. The bond that spray foam forms to the roof can also increase a building’s resistance to wind uplift, which can help reduce damage experienced during periods of high wind when applied correctly by us at United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis.

  • 3 lbs./cubic ft., closed-cell foam
  • R-Values start at 5.5 per inch
  • A great choice for exterior and roofing applications

Medium Density

Another option when choosing the correct Spray foam is Medium-Density Spray foam which is applied via a low- or high-pressure two-component spray foam. When a barrier against air, vapor, water, or even when a noise barrier is needed, our spray foam specialists at United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis often turn to Medium-Density Spray Foam. When we need to achieve the highest R-value per square inch possible, we turn to Medium Density Foam Insulation.

Much like High-Density Spray Foam, medium-density spray foam can also provide a high tensile and bond strength. Because wind-driven rains typically do not affect it, medium density spray foam insulation also provides for low vaper protection.

  • Closed Cell Foam weighing 2 lbs. per cubic foot
  • R-Value starting at 5.7 per in.
  • Great for use in unvented attics and wall cavities providing a continuous barrier of insulation and protection

Low Density

Is also referred to as open-cell-foam and is used to provide for a continuous airtight barrier. Because it weighs almost half a pound per cubic foot, it’s also referred to as half-pound foam. The open-cell foam also gives more flexibility than a more hardened foam.

As a spray foam insulation contractor, United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis we commonly use low-density spray foam insulation to fill cavities of walls in new construction, it is known to be very effective as an air barrier, but still susceptible to vapor and moisture. These spray foam insulation kits are a two-component chemical mix that also can be applied to walls, used in vented /unvented attics, and applied to ceilings and ductwork.

A great advantage of low-density spray foam insulation is its large cell structure, this type of spray foam insulation maintains a softer and more pliable end product compared to other spray foam insulation alternatives. It is great for providing heat insulation and sealing drafts from cracks at seams and joints because it can fill these gaps easily.

  • Open Cell Foam weighing 0.5 lbs. per cubic foot
  • R-Value starting at 3.6 per in.
  • Great for use in unvented attics and interior wall cavities

R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

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Choosing the right installer and get the best type of insulation for your project can help you to enjoy and to get the best job possible. Knowing all the extra benefits that spray foam insulation in Indianapolis has to offer.

Advantage of Hiring United Foam Insulation Indianapolis vs DIY

As your neighbors, we at United Spray Foam Insulation in Indianapolis, understand the constant desire to save a little money and take up DIY projects around your home. Though not all DIY projects are created equal, and some are much more complicated than others;  Spray Foam Insulation is one of these DIY projects, it was and is not designed to be installed by homeowners or general unspecialized handymen.

There are many reasons why Tackling a Do-it-Yourself project like this is a horrible idea. The first is that most homeowners do not have training or experience in handling and properly applying Spray Foam Insulation. Secondly, the process is very meticulous and the material very expensive. Often, our clients call us at United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis after realizing the scope of the project was much more intensive than the homeowner had anticipated. Unfortunately, in most DIY cases we fix, the Spray Foam Insulation has been applied wrong, which results in wasted time and money.

Most importantly though, there are so many benefits to properly installed Spray Foam Insulation, benefits which can’t be enjoyed unless the installation is done properly. Plus, we guarantee our work here at United Spray Foam Insulation in Indianapolis.

Why Hire United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis?

We Guarantee Your Foam Insulation is Installed Right the First Time by our Trained Professionals

Other insulation materials like fiberglass, can deteriorate over time and does not completely cover all the gaps. Spray foam insulation starts as a liquid. It fills all crevices before hardening and creating seal-tight insulation.


One major concern with a DIY attempt is the handling of very concentrated and hazardous chemical compounds. Spray Foam Insulation is made up of two chemical compounds that require special training and experience to correctly mix and apply. It is imperative that proper ratios are adhered to be applied safely and in accordance with strict policies and procedures. If done incorrectly, the Spray Foam Insulation will be ineffective. Also, we are professionals in the removal and proper handling of asbestos and mold insulation when encountered. As a professional insulation contractor in Indianapolis, we have the proper equipment, all the proper protective gear, and the know-how to remove old insulation, as well as how to mix and install spray foam insulation. Most importantly, we do it safely, efficiently, and effectively.


Because there are two types of spray foam insulation, it takes a professional to know the best approach and type of spray foam insulation to be utilized. It is imperative to know when it is best to use Closed-cell spray foam vs Open-cell spray foam insulation.

Only a trained specialist working with a licensed, bonded, and insured spray foam insulation company has the know-how to recognize and react to every situation that is encountered within your home as the spray foam insulation is being applied. By utilizing their knowledge and experience, they will know where and when to install each kind of spray foam insulation depending on the situation; thus, resulting in maximum benefits.

Better Efficiency

When installed correctly, spray foam insulation is impervious to water and will result in energy savings, as your home will immediately become much more energy-efficient.

Leave the installation to experts like us. We have the equipment, the training, and the experience to properly and efficiently take care of all your foam insulation needs. Also, we ensure that proper ratios when mixing chemicals are strictly adhered to, ensuring an efficient and effective end product that delivers so many benefits to you.

Avoid Damage to Your Home

Spray Foam Insulation in your home is meant to last for decades, it is an essential component of your home, and when done right, creates both equity and comfort. When installed properly it protects your home from moisture buildup and heat/cold encroaching on your comfort.

A Poorly installed spray foam insulation installation will lead to problems with mildew, mold, and inefficient energy consumption because of improper sealed drafts and openings. All these problems could be avoided with the proper tools, knowledge, and material during the installation process.

Assuming that foam insulation installation is a quick and easy do-it-yourself project almost always ends badly. At the end of the day not hiring a professional insulation contractor will save you money, ensure you get the long-term benefits of energy efficiency, and decades of enjoyment out of your home. While avoiding other problems with mildew and mold and other environmental problems associated with ineffective vapor barriers provided by a properly installed Spray Foam Insulation.

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We founded United Spray Foam Insulation Indianapolis, to serve you as our neighbors here in Indianapolis. We are the best at what we do and guarantee our work. We will help you enjoy all the benefits associated with foam insulation while helping you avoid future environmental and moisture complications associated with improperly installed insulation.
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