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About Us

United Spray Foam Insulation had humble beginnings in the Northern Michigan area with the same mission that we have today: to provide the highest quality service by strictly following deadlines, and all at a market-competitive price.

Our dedication to that mission has created great success for us and with it came rapid expansion. Our service area quickly grew to the rest of Michigan and eventually expanding our spray foam insulation service areas to Ohio and Indiana.

Our success and expansion We cultivated our success through partnerships with contractors in Indiana and Ohio. We are a network of spray foam contractors, and we rely on our network to navigate the subtleties of local regions. Home insulation in Toledo, OH may mean different permits or other environmental considerations than Evansville, IN.

Even though we offer spray foam insulation and Injection Foam services to three different states, we retain consistent service and customer satisfaction. We achieve this through a united front in our mission. All our contractors are straightforward in their intent. There is a job to do, and it costs the customer money. Our duty is to ensure the customer gets the most value for their money.

We believe in progress and innovation. That is why spray foam insulation is our expertise. There are numerous ways to insulate a building, re-level a parking lot, etc. However, we aim to complete such projects in a way that saves our customers long-term money without sacrificing quality. That is why we embrace the innovative solutions of spray foam insulation and Injection Foam.

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United Spray Foam Insulation is the Midwest's experts in spray foam insulation installation and Injection Foam. Serving Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.
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